Awesome 80’s Run = An Awesome Run for Me!

Today I made my way to beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the Awesome 80’s Run.  It was so much fun!  There were people in totally amazing costumes, and I got to run with friends.

After the race two weeks ago, I had some trouble with shin splints, so I didn’t get a chance to train, or walk before this race.  Still, complete with head-to-toe neon green and a tutu, I managed to break the 45 minute mark (43:06) and felt better than I did for the previous race!

Up next- the Jingle Bell Run on December 8th!

80's Run Medal

80's Run


Tomorrow is the Big Day, But I Stopped Counting Long Ago!

Injury, car accident and a severe allergy attack. What do they all have in common? They are all obstacles on my way to tomorrow. I couldn’t train the way I wanted to, so I don’t feel super prepared for the race, but that’s ok. Tomorrow is not about winning a prize or about making my best time. Tomorrow is about actually getting out there and doing something I never thought I had the ability to do before.

I used to run track in high school. I was a sprinter, and I wasn’t very good at it, but I had so much fun. I loved running as fast as I could, going all out for those 100 meters. My coach was convinced that I could be a distance runner, so she started me on the mile. For some reason, I just knew that it wasn’t a good idea, and sure enough I passed out after my first lap in my first race.

Since that horrible race experience I have wanted to really try and run a distance race and see if I could do it. Well, I can, I just can’t run the whole way yet. I am wogging (walking and jogging) but I am going the full 5K. And guess what? I’m doing it again two weeks from tomorrow, plus I have my eye on a few other races out there. I’d like to do 1 per month and see if I can run the whole distance by the summer. I can only train Fri-Sun, but it is better than nothing, and I can’t wait to see where I am at this time next year!

Day 19: A Day of Rest

Today I took a much needed rest day. My rest day was supposed to be tomorrow, but I REALLY needed it today. I came off my first overnight in the dorms at 11am, and after running a bunch of errands, I realized the full magnitude of homework that awaited me. I needed to write 2 lesson plans using the University’s format (5-7 pages each!) and prep the materials for the two lessons I am teaching this week. I had hopes of squeezing in an end of the day workout, but I didn’t finish until almost 9pm. By that point, I needed to get ready for bed.
So, the plan now is to try and fit in a short workout while on duty tomorrow. I may try and get to campus early, and workout before my shift. We shall see!

Day 18: Getting Closer

Today/tonight is my first overnight dorm shift at work.  I am on from 10:30am this morning until 11am tomorrow.  Since today was a running day, I had to get up early and go for a morning walk/run.

Today’s run knocked 10 seconds off my pace (yay) included 4 two minute runs (yay!) and a nice, brisk walk the rest of the time.

I am now keeping an eye on my pace for a 5k with the goal of getting it under 40 minutes.  I think that a 40 minute 5k is a good goal for a beginner!  Right now, I am at about 50 minutes.  My goal is to shave a minute off per week, so that by race time I am good to go!

Now, off to supervise a holiday weekend of shenanigans on campus!

Day 17: Not Quite There

Today I had a better time, but I didn’t run as much.  I was able to run for a full two minutes at the start, but each time I had to switch to running, I lost my steam earlier and earlier.  I didn’t quite make it for the full 30 minutes either.  I will take the small victories- a full two minutes of running, a faster pace, and feeling good for the whole day!

Tomorrow I am going to run instead of RT, because my schedule is off, and I want to get it back in line with the book!

Day 16: I Actually Cooked a Meal

Today was one of those days where nothing went according to plan.  I ran late all day, and every errand I ran seemed to take forever.  By the time I got home, I knew that I needed to do resistance training, but I also needed to go to the bank and the grocery store, so I used my warm up time to briskly walk to the bank, the store and home again.  Not the ideal warm up, but it was the only way that it was going to happen.

I did the RT exercises, but swapped out the bent leg curls for an exercise that my chiropractor wants me to do.  I’m hoping to add the bent leg curls back next week, but right now, I am a little worried that they are too rough on my back.

After my RT was over, it was time to make dinner.  A few weeks ago, I bought a Groupon for eMeals, a meal planning service, because I hate trying to think of interesting things to eat.  for $50 I get a year’s worth of weekly meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The dinner ones are portion control, and designed for two people.  Since Hubsy works most nights, I’m usually on my own for dinner, and most recipes are for four servings.  I’m not much of a cook, I usually do a frozen meal, or cobble together things that are heat and eat.  Tonight was my first time cooking anything beyond latkes and matzoh balls in a long time!

I made chicken breasts in a balsamic vinegar sauce with a side of baby gold potatoes with a ranch sauce.  I also added a salad of spinach with sunflower seeds to get the greens in.  All of the ingredients, except for the milk added to the ranch dressing, were organic, and it wasn’t half bad!  I cooked up three chicken breasts, and only ate half of one, so I have enough leftovers for lunches and dinners for a few days.

All in all, today was a better day movement wise, and I am looking forward to my run/walk tomorrow!

Day 15: Rough Reboot, and a Daily Affirmation

So today I got back out there are went for a run.  It was very, very rough.  For one thing, I forgot to take a puff of Albuterol before heading out, so I was very cautious, and for another, I’m exhausted after my first full week of daily school observations and college classes.  Still, I got out there and did something.  I wasn’t able to make it the full 30 minutes (I was close, soclose!!!) and I could only run for about a minute long stretch, but I got out there and did something.  I can’t let myself feel defeated because I didn’t follow today’s plan exactly, 3 weeks ago I was flat out on pain meds with a really messed up back.

My walk/run today also gave me time to reflect on the changes that I have made in my life since the start of summer.  I started a small business, I set a fitness goal for myself, I started to take better care of myself and my appearance (I am a serial I-don’t-need-to-wash-my-face-before-bed offender) and I have started to make healthier eating choices.  At the end of the day I am really tired and just want to fall in bed, but instead I make sure to wash my face, use a good lotion, do a hand treatment (they are so soft now!) and pack a lunch and healthy snacks to take to school.  I am choosing more fruits and vegetables, and looking for healthier options for my favorite foods (Trader Joe’s Organic Toaster Pastries are soooo much better than Pop Tarts).  I am doing all of these things while juggling a very challenging academic program that is preparing me to be a teacher next year.  I am doing all of these things to be a better role model for the teenage girls I work with three days a week.  I am doing all of these things to be a better wife, daughter and friend.  But most of all, I am doing these things for me.  Even though I haven’t been able to exercise for almost a month, I feel better about myself.  Even better, instead of being on a diet, I have made changes that are manageable and lifelong.  I am never going to be a super healthy eater, I love food too much, but I am introducing moderation and food switches whenever possible.

So, today may have been a rough reboot, but tomorrow I will get back out there and do it all again.

Injury Update

So, my back is nearly 100%, and I am preparing to resume training on Wednesday.  I’m going to take things slow, and not rush the running.

To make things more interesting, I was rear-ended in a parking lot this afternoon, bringing my ER visits up to 2 for the month, ugh!  Luckily, I just have a minor neck strain, and should be ok to go for a brisk walk on Wednesday!