It All Starts Now

I love to run, but I’m a terrible runner.  I push too fast and don’t stretch and get burnt out easily.  I’ve also reached a point in my life where the extra weight is making everything in my life harder.  I’ve tried getting in shape before, but I refuse to diet and can’t seem to stick with an exercise plan.  So what’s a girl to do?

I picked up a book at Target earlier this week that offers a 12 week plan for running.  It’s a combination fitness plan and fitness journal that focuses on getting a novice runner into shape.  If you follow the plan, you should be able to run 5K by the end of the 12 weeks.  It’s exactly what I need.  I need regimentation and a schedule.  I need to know what exercises to do when I’m not doing cardio, and I need everything to be gradual. For $9.99, it seems like a perfect fit!

But not so fast.  I also know myself and without a REAL tangible goal, I’m going to find excuses to beg off a workout.  So, I registered for two 5K races, both in November.  The timing is perfect.  I will finish my 12 weeks in mid-October, giving me 2-3 weeks of just running 5K distances as training.

To increase accountability, I am going to blog each day of the program, and the days leading up to the races.  Hopefully this 5K novice will get to better health and fitness and a fun race!



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