Day 1- Off to a Grumpy Start

Yesterday was Day 1, and it was a terrible day to start.  I got 3-4 hours of sleep, didn’t have the food I needed for one of my meals and had NO interest in going for a 30 minute brisk walk.  But walk I did, and it felt pretty good.  My pace was ok, it was slower than the plan recommends, but it was where I needed to be.  I started at 12.7 minutes per mile and quickly went downhill from there.  I finished my walk at 18.1 minutes per mile.  My goal is to be around 14 minutes per mile.

As I said before, I’m not going to diet, but I am going to be smarter about the things that I eat, and stick with a schedule (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner).  My plan for lunch was to eat some whole grain crackers with Laughing Cow cheese and salami on top for lunch, along with some cherries and snap peas.  As I started to prep I realized that the crackers were gone.  Now these crackers have been in my kitchen for a while now, so I didn’t buy any when I stocked up on food Monday night.  It came as a bit of a surprise that they were gone, and I can only guess that the Hubsy decided to eat them and didn’t tell me.  Lucky for me I always keep a couple of the Amy’s bean and cheese burritos in the freezer, so lunch was not a total loss.  I skipped my afternoon snack in favor of dessert, so my next meal was a healthy rice bowl from Cafe Del Soul.  The Yummy Tummy (it’s a kid’s meal) is a huge bowl of organic brown rice with black beans topped with shredded cheddar cheese and fresh avocado.  It is so large that I split it into two meals.  Dessert was a fourth of a pint of Cold Stone chocolate ice cream.

I was pretty hungry at the end of the day, so I think that skipping the afternoon snack was a bad idea.  I need to learn how to space my meals/snacks out so that I’m not having chunks of time where I am feeling hungry.

I had hoped that my utter exhaustion paired with the physical activity would give me a better night of sleep last night, but it was not to be.  I woke up this morning after a fitful 5-6 hours of sleep, but more on that tomorrow.

In all, it was not the best start to my 12 week plan, but at least it was a start!


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