Day 2- Life Get’s in the Way of Eating

Once again, eating was problematic today.  I had no problem with breakfast, breakfast is easy, everything that happens after breakfast is hard.  I was running late, so I didn’t have a chance to pack a mid-morning snack.  I figured that I would grab some trail mix at Starbucks after my classes (I teach sewing classes to young children in their homes) before I went off to run errands.  Well, it didn’t quite work out that way!  After the classes were over I remembered that I needed to go to the craft store (stop 1) then Kohl’s (stop 2) and they were closer than the Starbucks.

As I was leaving the mall I decided that I would skip the Starbucks that was around the corner in favor of the one at Target (15 miles away).  On my way to Target I realized that a trip to Trader Joe’s was necessary and oh, there is a Starbucks right next to it!  By the time I made it to Trader Joe’s (stop 3), it was almost 1pm, and well past mid-morning snack time.  Still, I bought a bag of banana chips at TJs and munched them with my green tea while on the way to Target (stop 4).  After Target, I had to go to the bookstore to pick up a book for the student I am tutoring tomorrow (stop 5).  I thought about stopping to eat lunch, but I didn’t want to get sucked into eating something like McDonald’s, so I powered on.

After the bookstore, I realized that the felt we had worked with earlier had adhered to my travel iron and I was in need of a new iron, so it was off to Bed, Bath and Beyond (stop 6) for a new one.  The next stop was Best Buy (stop 7) for some DVDs, then finally to Whole Foods (stop 8) to replace the crackers I needed yesterday.  I loaded up my basket with good food to get me through the next two days, and finally made it home for lunch at 4pm!

My whole meal schedule for the day is thrown off, but it gave me the kick needed to portion out some snacks that I can just grab and go.  I need to start making these changes now, while I have the time, before school starts up again and I really have to more time.

My lunch was the leftovers from last night, and my afternoon snack was some trail mix.  Dinner was very simple- it’s too hot to cook- just some Ak Mok crackers with Laughing Cow cheese and salami on top.  I paired that with some Rainier cherries and snap peas for a fairly well-rounded meal.  I’m hoping that I will stay satiated until bedtime, and not wake up too hungry.  If that is not the case, I may add a post dinner snack of a cheese stick or organic beef jerky to stave off the hunger.

My walk tonight was slower than Day 1, but I hadn’t planned on walking today.  Today was supposed to be resistance training (or so I thought) but the book didn’t have space to record the RT, they only have it every other day, so I went ahead and walked.  Tomorrow I will start resistance training and then I will be in sync with the book!

Despite my timing issues with food, I think that I ate better than I did yesterday.  Tomorrow’s menu includes a treat, then Sunday is a crazy-eating-out-twice kind of day, so who knows how I will feel at the end of the weekend!


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