Day 3- Dear Insomnia, I Hate You!

Man, today has been very hard, but is ending on a high note.  I suffer from insomnia.  I can usually fall asleep, but I have difficulty staying asleep for a full night.  Last night I not only had difficulty falling asleep, but staying asleep was even harder than usual.  I finally fell asleep at 1am, but woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 5am.  The alarm went off at 7:45am, so that was rough.  I hit the snooze until 9:15am, then had to get moving to make it to my tutoring appointment.

Needless to day, I needed everything to be easy today, so I made some compromises food-wise.  I had cereal for lunch, and I am going to eat out tonight.  I just can’t expend energy towards food today!

Today was Resistance Training (RT) day and it took all of my energy to get my ass off of the couch!  The RT starts off with 3-5 minutes of cardio as a warm up, and I was struggling with what to do until I saw an ad for the Zumba Dance app on my iPad.  I have always wanted to try Zumba, but I am a terrible dancer, so a class has been too intimidating.  This seemed like a great option.  It took a little doing to get it set up (it’s a game, so you need to have it placed just so for it to track your movements) but once I got it going it was really fun!  I did some step practice and two songs for a nice 10 minute warm up.  I’m going to keep this as my warm up for RT days from here on out!

The RT program starts with just four exercises and I moved through them easily.  The single-leg squats are brutal though! The bent-leg reverse curls were somewhat challenging, but that’s only because I had a very curious dog wondering what the heck I was doing lying down on the floor.

Mr. Sparkles is very suspicious

Mr. Sparkles is very suspicious

The session finished up with some nice stretching, and I actually feel better than I did this morning.  Yay exercise!!!


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