Day 5- Yay Sleep!!!

I actually got some sleep last night!  It was pretty amazing!  It wasn’t a full night of sleep, and I didn’t sleep the whole night through, but at least I didn’t wake up on the cranky side of the bed!

Today was RT day, and I decided to do a full 30 minutes of Zumba before moving on to the exercises.  The short class was fun, but very challenging.  I’m still sore from the RT I did on Saturday, which made things not so fun, but I pushed through.

After the Zumba I moved through the exercises.  The push-ups are still challenging (I’m not doing the full push-ups yet, I’m doing them with my knees on the ground), but they are getting easier.

For my cool down, I added some ballet Pliés to the stretches and it was a nice addition.  I’m going to keep the Plié series in my cool-down routine for all work-out days. 

Tomorrow is my last day of exercise before my rest day, and the end of week 1.  Starting on Friday, I will be adding some running to the mix!


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