Day 15: Rough Reboot, and a Daily Affirmation

So today I got back out there are went for a run.  It was very, very rough.  For one thing, I forgot to take a puff of Albuterol before heading out, so I was very cautious, and for another, I’m exhausted after my first full week of daily school observations and college classes.  Still, I got out there and did something.  I wasn’t able to make it the full 30 minutes (I was close, soclose!!!) and I could only run for about a minute long stretch, but I got out there and did something.  I can’t let myself feel defeated because I didn’t follow today’s plan exactly, 3 weeks ago I was flat out on pain meds with a really messed up back.

My walk/run today also gave me time to reflect on the changes that I have made in my life since the start of summer.  I started a small business, I set a fitness goal for myself, I started to take better care of myself and my appearance (I am a serial I-don’t-need-to-wash-my-face-before-bed offender) and I have started to make healthier eating choices.  At the end of the day I am really tired and just want to fall in bed, but instead I make sure to wash my face, use a good lotion, do a hand treatment (they are so soft now!) and pack a lunch and healthy snacks to take to school.  I am choosing more fruits and vegetables, and looking for healthier options for my favorite foods (Trader Joe’s Organic Toaster Pastries are soooo much better than Pop Tarts).  I am doing all of these things while juggling a very challenging academic program that is preparing me to be a teacher next year.  I am doing all of these things to be a better role model for the teenage girls I work with three days a week.  I am doing all of these things to be a better wife, daughter and friend.  But most of all, I am doing these things for me.  Even though I haven’t been able to exercise for almost a month, I feel better about myself.  Even better, instead of being on a diet, I have made changes that are manageable and lifelong.  I am never going to be a super healthy eater, I love food too much, but I am introducing moderation and food switches whenever possible.

So, today may have been a rough reboot, but tomorrow I will get back out there and do it all again.


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